Making Successful New Year's Resolutions for 2015

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In the Virgin Islands we are very lucky to have access to such a great environment. Stress is not limited to cities such as New York, Miami or Atlanta; even living on the islands we can still experience stress that can affect our health. As we move into 2015 you have the power to take control and improve your life.

December is the month that many people start to plan their New Year’s Resolutions. Typically this can be summarized as personal changes that will result in a better version of ourselves ranging from health and physical fitness, to a broad variety of behavioral changes.
The main reason why New Year’s Resolutions fail is because we set unclear and unrealistic goals that we do not consider as important personal priorities.

Whether your decision is to improve your health by losing weight, stopping smoking, improving a relationship or even fulfilling a great dream such as sailing around the world or climbing to the top of Mount Everest, you can do it by following these simple steps with what Dr. Bacot refers to as his ‘Famous Five’!

  1. Write out in order of importance a maximum of five specific areas in your life that you would like to change and improve.
  2. Write yourself a letter promising that you will achieve these changes. Put a stamp on the letter and mail it to yourself, but don’t open it when you receive it!
  3. Knowledge is power. The internet has many resources that can help educate you about your specific goal. Decide what are the realistic results of your five goals that can be achieved and write them out.
  4. Personal change is most effective when you make it a habit. You must set a realistic schedule for the actions you need to take to reach your goal. Example: if losing weight by going to the gym or an exercise class is part of your New Years Resolution, select which days, time, duration of workout and make a commitment to yourself to do this every week without fail.
  5. Make your commitment to yourself a personal priority and to quote the wise advertising slogan of the Nike Company, ‘Just Do It’.

In one year, open the letter that you wrote to yourself. If you have consistently followed these simple steps you will have reached your goals or will be on track to reach them!

At Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global we always feel honored that we are able to help our neighbors throughout the Virgin Islands with state of the art surgical and other therapeutic procedures and treatments helping people recover their health and fitness.

Prevention is always better than cure. For 2015 Dr. Bacot recommends:

  • Make sure that you and your family have your regular scheduled health checkups.
  • We live in a very sunny place. Always use sunscreen and cover up as much as possible. If you’re uncertain about an unusual mole or skin discoloration, see a dermatologist.
  • Stop drinking sodas and consciously reduce your intake of sugar.
  • Whether you’re eight or eighty years old, participate in some form of regular exercise.
  • Let’s be real, most of us need to drop a few pounds and in addition to looking better and feeling more sexy, our hearts, knees and hip joints will especially thank us.
  • Every time you avoid eating processed junk food and make a healthy food choice, you have just made a proud and strong statement that you are in charge of your future health and level of fitness.