Shoulder Replacements Allow Patients to Return to Normal Activities

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For patients suffering from chronic shoulder pain, a shoulder replacement may provide relief.

Before shoulder replacements, patients Ludger Berkitt and John Temple were unable to fully lift their arms due to severe pain. However, they now have pain-free shoulders and a full range of motion, thanks to shoulder replacements from Dr. Linda Jackson of Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global.

Dr. Jackson is one of the first two African-American women who is fellowship trained in hand and upper extremity surgery in the United States.

Berkitt received a shoulder replacement due to injury to the shoulder and Temple had both of his shoulders replaced in one year by Dr. Jackson due to his osteoarthritis.

Shoulder replacements can provide:

  • Pain relief
  • Improved range of motion
  • Increased strength
  • An alternative to unsucessful conservative treatment options

“I had long-term injury to my shoulder, but after my shoulder replacement, I can do a lot more than I was able to a year ago,” says Berkitt.

To learn more about shoulder replacements or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jackson, please call (340) 779-2663.