Spring Has Sprung! And March is Baseball Season

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At COGVI we LOVE baseball. But we don’t love baseball injuries. Many people think baseball is an easy sport to play, however, it is fraught with injuries whether you are playing in the Little Leagues or the Big Leagues.

In comparison to other sports, it may not seem as vigorous or brutal, but the repetitive motion of pitching and batting can cause a wide range of baseball-related injuries, as can sprinting and sliding to the base.

We support local Little League groups so we know first-hand the potential injury caused by baseball. And as a world-center for top athletes from the major leagues, COGVi knows how to prevent and treat sports injuries of any kind.

Here are the top 5 injuries a baseball player may experience, as well as an estimated recovery time.

Pitcher’s Elbow: This common baseball-related injury occurs when the elbow joint becomes strained and inflamed due to the repeated motion of pitching a ball with great force. Pitcher’s elbow can usually heal within a matter of a few weeks if the elbow is given lots of rest, but if the injury is severe and surgery is required, recovery time could be extended to a few months.

Rotator Cuff Injuries: The shoulder is also very susceptible to repetitive and forceful movements causing a rotator cuff injury. Rotator cuff injuries are generally very painful and can cause swelling or tearing of the tendons within the shoulder. If the shoulder joint is given correct treatment and adequate time to rest, recovery can take as little as two weeks. However, if the injury is severe surgery may be required, and recovery time will be significantly longer.

Sprains: Sprains can easily occur when a baseball player slides into base or runs into an object while attempting to catch the ball. Due to the sheer speed involved when sliding into a base, ankle sprains and wrist sprains can easily occur. With proper care and rest, sprains can typically heal completely within a matter of a few weeks. Icing the area immediately and proper wrapping with a bandage can help a sprain heal faster.

Back Injuries: The back is used in baseball far more than people think. Picking up foul balls, sliding into base, catching low-flying balls, and winding up for a particularly impressive pitch, all require strength and force from the back and spine. Baseball players can easily suffer various back injuries such as muscle and ligament strain or herniated discs. If you experience mild back strain while playing baseball, your recovery time may be as little as two weeks. However, if you have a more serious back injury such as a herniated disc, your recovery time could take months and may require surgery. Stretching pre-and post-game can help prevent back injuries. At COGVI we also recommend leg stretches to help offset any tension on the lower back pre-game.

Knee Injuries: Baseball players put a lot of strain on their knee joints, especially when they are winding up for a pitch or sprinting for a base. As a result of this pressure and strain, knee ligaments such as your ACL can easily become inflamed. Inflammation of the knee joint and tears to the meniscus are common injuries that baseball players sustain. Depending on the particular injury as well as its severity, you can expect your recovery time to take anywhere from two weeks to a few months.

Recovery Options: At COGVI we have a team of surgeons that work together to help our patienta regain maximum use of the injured limb or joint. “Players” on our team are orthopaedic surgeon, rehabilitation specialist, athletic trainers and physical therapists. Dr. Bacot has specialized training in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injuries, and can help athletes return to their favorite activities as quickly as possible through the most advanced, minimally invasive treatments available.

For more detailed answers on baseball injuries and treatments, make an appointment with Dr. Brian Bacot of COGVI.