Tips From Dr. Brian Bacot On How To Prepare For A 5K Run

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It seems like everyone is participating in 5K runs this month.

I find that the human body is amazing and with conditioning and awareness it can achieve almost anything. To get you to the finish line of any athletic event, treat your body as you would a high end sports car that needs careful maintenance.
Listen to your body when exercising; be conscious of the difference between normal fatigue and normal physical stress compared with other types of pain or major discomfort. If in doubt stop and seek medical advice.

A simple method of reducing the possibility of an athletic injury is to join a group that is supervised by a qualified trainer.
Before you start training make certain that you are in good health. Running is very stressful and sustained exercise can negatively impact an existing health condition that you may be unaware of. See your doctor for a health checkup if you haven’t exercised in a long time.
Running creates physical stress and strain that doesn’t happen in daily life, consequently it is very important to stretch and use yoga poses every time before your run.